SEAP ACTIONS: Submission #73

SEAP ACTIONS: Submission #73


Each data entry form concerns a single action foreseen by the SEAP for energy efficiency of buildings. If the SEAP provides for more actions concerning the energy efficiency of buildings, describe each action on a different tab. Often the actions of the PAES foresee interventions on more buildings, you will be able to indicate the number of the buildings in the appropriate field.

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Current page: DATA ELEMENTS
Address: 00061 Anguillara Sabazia RM, Italia
Latitude: 42.09147859999999
Longitude: 12.271545800000013
Location: 42.091479,12.271546
Formatted Address: 00061 Anguillara Sabazia RM, Italia
Postal code: 00061
Locality: Anguillara Sabazia
District: Lazio
Country: Italia
Country Code: IT
buildings of different types
energy efficiency for space heating and hot water
solar thermal
preliminary design phase